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Department of Education, Janata College
The department of Education in Janata College has been occupying very important role in producing human resources in this area especially in Kokrajhar District and Great nation India in general. Since begging of the institution the department of education had been offering Three Years UG course of Gauhati University and now of Bodoland University regularly sincerely. The subject education is very important subject of humanity science which is preferred by maximum students and parents, because of its nature of alight subject with all category of teaching profession, practical and value based education. The department has been giving priority on life skill education, quality human development, development of balance personality. To provide need based education through joyful learning is the identified objective of the department. Along with learning of course contents, different kinds of programmes are organised and students are provided scope to show their talents in cultural, music and other co-activities. Following are all detail of the department-
1. Mission-Vision of the department: The department of education Aimed to provide knowledge based education and make peace, skilled, productive human being. It aimed to make all and each students a confident and good leader for the society. The department stressed on value based education not only by course content but also by influence personality of teachers on students through lots of programmes, group activities and personal good relationship. Motivational programmes for good human, earning individual, environmental protection has been caring out by the department. The department tried lots to make students relation with their society, culture, tradition and roots of their evolution. Students from different community are given opportunity to show their own culture and tradition through dances, dresses, language and others.
2. Major affiliation: In the year 2009
3. Seat capacity in major course: 75 seats
4. Enrolment at present (2023)--BA 1st/2nd sem’ M =20, RC/HG=387
BA 3rd/4th sem’ M=42, RC/HG=277
BA 5th/6th sem’ M =31, RC=16
5. Teacher position at Present—permanent=03, contractual=02
6. Best Practices: Invites resource persons from university and colleges, parent-Teacher-Students Meet, keep relation with alumni, project works, home visit of students, Educational and personal Guidance, Rewarded best Fresher’s, impart skill based education, Environmental Field Trips.
Make interdisciplinary relation of subject education
 From the point of SWOT analysis present position of the department is—
1. Strength of the department:-75 students seat capacity in Major course, Sufficient classroom with furniture, available furniture for teachers and students and book keeping Almirah, encouraging enrolment, regular offline/online classes, separate toilet for teachers in the department office, Psychological Laboratory Room with available furniture and apparatus, Books in departmental library, departmental wall magazine, Laptop- 1 set.
2. Weakness/Challenges:- No sufficient teacher, weak student’s input as enrolled, student’s language problem, Less time spent with UG students because of teachers engages in HS classes teaching of 2 sections.
3. Opportunity:- Opportunity to access in UG Major Course in 75 number seats, offline and online classes, opportunity to do research Project work. Opportunity to do human experimental psychologal practical, Training for Power Point presentation, Opportunity to show student’s special interest in different area of co-curricular activities. Remedial classes.
4. Threat/Challenges:- Less number of teachers and High Student-Teacher Ratio, Challenges of digital teaching-learning because of high enrolment, enrolled students from poor, far flung and remote area and non-availability of internet, hard to rise quality education because of so many reasons- lack of public transportation and hence irregularity of students, poor family economic background of students, weak Student input.
## Future planning:- B.Ed. course, 4 years Integrated B A (UG) course, Skill based Training.

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